Reporting and consultation

  • Reports delivered in choice of format: fax, mail or EMR
  • Rapid turnaround time: 24-48 hours for routine cases
  • Dermatopathologists readily accessible for phone or email consultation

Our Dermatopathology Center has the ability to communicate results with referring physicians using several methods. No special equipment is needed at your office other than an internet connection. We can help set up options for you and your staff.

We hold your time and need for patient care coordination at the highest value. We have several methods of communication so that you and your office staff can reach us quickly.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

The Dermatopathology Center can work with your EMR provider to build a pathway, or interface, by which you can both order and receive pathology reports.  We have completed successful connections with a variety of EMR providers.

Timeline to completion of the EMR interface can vary across vendors.  Typically, the connection can take anywhere from five to seven weeks from start to completion.

Most of the interface discussion will occur behind the scenes between the Dermatopathogy Center IT team and the IT team of your vendor.  Once all technology requirements are assessed and it is determined that we can proceed, our office communicates regularly with you regarding the status of the connection process.


At your request, our lab can fax all pathology reports to your practice. If you prefer all reports to arrive at a preferred time, we can batch reports at your preferred time.

Physician-to-physician access

Our dermatopathologists are readily available to answer your questions or to discuss specific cases with you.

Clients may email questions, photographs, or special requests to our dermatopathologists. If you need immediate assistance with a case, simply call us to be connected with the dermatopathologist who reviewed your case.

You may send questions, requests, replies, or clinical photos related to a specific case to our general email address:; our laboratory manager will handle your email and forward the information to the appropriate dermatopathologist.