We are dedicated to providing expert consultation or second opinion on slides originally prepared and diagnosed elsewhere. Our consultation expertise includes hair and nail biopsies, complex inflammatory and lymphoproliferative skin diseases and melanocytic lesions.

When we receive your consultation requests, our dermatopathologists will study and discuss your slides. In complex cases, internal consultation may be initiated with our hematopathology or soft tissue pathology colleagues. In most cases, we will issue a report with our consensus diagnosis within 48 to 72 hours. A copy of our report will be also sent to the pathologist who provided the original diagnosis on your case.

Interested in sending us a case? There’s no need to set up an account with us. Simply print and fill out our Consult Request Form (PDF) and send to us along with the following information:

  • The available stained-glass slides (including at least one H&E stained glass slide), paraffin blocks and/or unstained slides.  If sending unstained slides, please ensure they are on Plus(+) or charged slides suitable for possible immunohistochemistry.
  • Copy of the surgical pathology report.  This report must have the same identifying number as the stained-glass slides and/or paraffin blocks.  This is the only way the pathologist can verify that the tissue is yours.
  • Patient’s demographic information and detailed billing information.  If the patient’s insurance card is available, please send a copy of it as well.

Please note that we provide complimentary supplies as well as overnight shipping. Our Center accepts most insurance plans so there is little or no cost to your patients.

Contact information

Email: dermpath@wustl.edu

For overnight packages, use the following address:
Dermatopathology Center
CORTEX Building
4320 Forest Park Avenue, Suite 212
St. Louis, MO 63108