Our highly experienced laboratory staff has extensive experience in skin, nail and hair-specific histotechnology and adheres to the highest standards of practice for laboratories.

To reach a member of our staff, please call us at 314-362-5757

Valerie Varady
Lab Manager

Aisha Clark                                                      Histotechnologist

Beth Scofield                            Histotechnologist

Dave Vergano                         Histotechnologist

Christi Freeman                     Histotechnologist

Zoe Erb-Koty                          Histotechnologist

Wendy Reynolds                    Histotechnologist




Daisy Daleo
Clinical Office Supervisor

Jamie Murray
Sales and Client Services

Kelly Poole
Clinical Support Specialist

Darcy Mahoney
Clinical Support Specialist

Madison Nicoloff
Clinical Support Specialist

Lauren Keck                                         Laboratory Assistant