Medical Students

Medical students at Washington University School of Medicine have the opportunity to complete a 4-week elective clerkship in dermatopathology during their fourth year. The medical student will work closely with the fellow, dermatology and pathology residents and attending dermatopathologists during signout, consensus conferences and unknown slide sessions. In addition, at the completion of the rotation, the medical student will present a topic of interest at the monthly pathology medical student conference.

The educational objectives of the rotation are:

  • To become proficient in the gross examination, description and processing of cutaneous specimens;
  • To be able to recognize and discuss a wide variety of inflammatory and neoplastic skin conditions;
  • To be conversant in the special stains and ancillary tests used in the daily practice of dermatopathology, including routine histochemical stains, immunohistochemical stains and immunofluorescence.

We also offer research opportunities to medical students with a special interest in dermatopathology.

In addition to the rotation in dermatopathology for fourth-year medical students, we participate in the second-year medical school curriculum, presenting introductory lectures to the study of dermatopathology.

The Washington University Dermatopathology Center is pleased to offer visiting rotations for medical students from outside institutions. More information can be found through the Washington University School of Medicine Curriculum Office.