Primary Diagnosis

The Washington University Dermatopathology Center strives to excel in serving you and your patients by providing the most accurate diagnoses of your cases.

Our physicians have strong backgrounds in dermatopathology and clinical dermatology and are supported by a world-class academic medical center. Our team is uniquely positioned to integrate both clinical and pathological information at the highest level to reach the correct diagnosis.

Clinicopathologic consultation is a cornerstone of our service. To facilitate clinician-pathologist communication, we are available via phone and email to address your questions. If possible, please send your clinical photos by secure email to or schedule your patient for our weekly Dermatology Grand Rounds conference.

Result reporting: We provide a detailed pathological and immunodiagnostic report. The delivery of the report can be tailored to your needs and includes courier, regular mail or fax. If you become a client, you can also access your reports on our website through our secure portal.

Turnaround times:

  • 24-48 hours for routine diagnostic cases
  • 72 hours for comprehensive B-cell, T-cell and NK-cell immunophenotyping
  • 7 business days for B-cell and T-cell clonality and melanoma next-generation sequencing

To try our service, contact our customer service so that we can provide complimentary supplies and arrange for a pickup time by our courier service. We also provide overnight shipping for providers who are outside of our specimen collection radius (>30 miles).

Our customer service representative can be reached at:
Tel: (314) 362-5757

 Order supplies or requisitions